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I first discovered the Arduino in 2008 when I was looking for ways to connect temperature sensors to my PC so I could make a cloud detector. I wanted to try out a cloud detection concept I’d read about on a weather forum, and as it was experimental, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it in case it failed. There were many solutions on the market, but the Arduino appealed to me the most. Not only did it seem to be an easy and cheap way to connect the sensors I required, but it could be used for other cool things. Thousands of projects in blogs, video sites, and forums showed the amazing things people were doing with their Arduinos. There seemed to be a huge sense of community with everyone trying to help one another. It was obvious that I could have a lot of fun with an Arduino. However, I didn’t want to be trawling through websites for information. I wanted to buy a book on the subject, something I could hold in my hand and read on the train to work. After looking around, I found one book. Unfortunately, it was very basic and out of date. Worse, it didn’t give me anything practical to do with the Arduino, and I didn’t warm to the teaching style, either. What I wanted was a hands-on book that taught me both programming and electronics as I built things instead of having to wade through pages of theory first. Such a book just didn’t exist at the time. Then I started Earthshine Electronics to sell kits based on the Arduino. To go with the kit, I produced a small tutorial booklet to get people started. This little booklet ended up being extremely popular, and I got hundreds of queries from people asking when I would be adding more projects or if I sold a printed version. In fact, I had already thought that it would be great to produce a comprehensive beginner’s book, crammed with projects and written in an easy-to-follow style. That is how this book came about. This book has proven so successful at teaching people about the Arduino that it has since been updated to this second edition with improvements and updated sections relevant to the changes in the Arduino world since I began. I have written this book with the presumption that you have never done either computer programming or electronics before. I also presume you’re not interested in reading lots of theory before you actually get down to making something with your Arduino. Hence, right from the start of the book, you will be diving right into making a simple project. From there, you will work through a total of 50 projects until you become confident and proficient at Arduino development. I believe that the best way to learn anything is by learning as you go and getting your hands dirty. The book works like this: the first project introduces basic concepts about programming the Arduino and also about electronics. The next project builds on that knowledge to introduce a little bit more. Each project after that builds on the previous projects. By the time you have finished all 50 projects, you will be confident and proficient at making your own projects. You’ll be able to adapt your new skills and knowledge to connect just about anything to your Arduino and make great projects for fun or to make your life easier


Chapter 1: Getting Started

 Chapter 2: Light ‘Em Up

Chapter 3: LED Effects 49

Chapter 4: Simple Sounders and Sensors 79

 Chapter 5: Driving a DC Motor

Chapter 6: Binary Counters and Shift Register I/O

Chapter 7: LED Displays

Chapter 8: Liquid Crystal Displays

Chapter 9: Servos

Chapter 10: Steppers and Robots

Chapter 11: Pressure Sensors

Chapter 12: Touch Screens

Chapter 13: Temperature Sensors

Chapter 14: Ultrasonic Rangefinders

Chapter 15: Reading and Writing to an SD Card

Chapter 16: Making an RFID Reader

Chapter 17: Communicating over Ethernet

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