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Today’s networks are involved in almost every kind of business and social interaction, from ordering a pizza to marketing products. Millions of people are making the transition to a wired world—and while they were initially satisfied with simple text or message transfers, they now want sound and graphics—and they want it quickly. Rapid growth in the number of users and their expectations makes scalability a crucial part of any network design. Chances are, even if your network is small today, it will be large within a few short years. Networks that cannot scale suffer a long and costly death. If your network is critical to your business—and most are—you will find this book an invaluable aid for design and maintenance.

This book summarizes the techniques that have led to the successful deployment and maintenance of many large networks. It draws on the experience of the authors, gained in both the enterprise and service provider environments, and presents the ideas in a “cookbook” fashion—it provides “recipes” for success in almost any network conditions. Unlike other networking texts that focus on describing the technology in abstract terms, this book highlights scalability features and emphasizes deployment issues.


Introduction    Who Should Read This Book

What Is Covered in This Book

Conventions Used in This Book

I: The Internet

Evolution of Data Networks

Overview of Communications History

Evolution of the Internet

The World Wide Web

The Internet Today    Modern Internet Architecture

Evolution and Demise of Enterprise and Open Networks

The Future of the Internet

IP Fundamentals

Basic IP Concepts

Variable-Length Subnet Masking

Classless Interdomain Routing

IP Routing

Network Technologies

Packet, Circuit, and Message Switching

Local-Area Networks and Technologies

Wide-Area Networks and Technologies

Metropolitan-Area Networks and Technologies    …

Network Topology and Design

Requirements and Constraints

Tools and Techniques

Hierarchy Issues

Backbone Core Network Design

Distribution/Regional Network Design

Access Design

Routers Router Architecture

Evolution of the Cisco Switching Algorithms

Routing and Forwarding

Caching Technique Case Study

II: Core and Distribution Networks

Routing Information Protocol

Overview of RIP    RIP Packet Format

RIPV1 Configuration Examples

Routing Information Protocol Version 2

Introduction to RIP Operation

Cisco’s RIP Implementation

RIP and Default Routes

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol   

Fundamentals and Operation

The Enhanced IGRP Topology Table

Enhanced IGRP Configuration Commands

Enhanced IGRP Classless Summarization

Adjusting Enhanced IGRP Parameters

Split Horizon and Enhanced IGRP

 Open Shortest Path First  

Fundamentals of OSPF

Introduction to Link-State Protocols

Categories of LSAs

The OSPF Area Concept

Enabling and Configuring OSPF

Introduction to IS-IS    

Fundamentals and Operation of IS-IS

Addressing with IS-IS    Link-State Concepts

Using IS-IS Pseudonode

Using IS-IS Non-Pseudonode

Understanding Level 1 and Level 2 Routing

IS-IS Packets    IS-IS Flooding

Route Summarization

Scaling IS-IS    IS-IS Over NBMA Networks

Basic IS-IS Configuration

Border Gateway Protocol

Introduction to BGP

Fundamentals of BGP Operation

Description of the BGP4 Protocol

BGP’s Finite State Machine

Routing Policy and the BGP Decision Algorithm

BGP Scalability Features

Large Network Configuration Issues

Migration Techniques

Exchanging Protocols

Migration of Routing Protocols

Protocol Independent Multicast

Multicast Routing Protocols

Fundamentals of Operation

IGMP and PIM Protocol Description

Multicast Scalability Features

Quality of Service Features

Introduction to QoS

QoS Policy Propagation

Congestion-Management Algorithms

Congestion-Avoidance Algorithms

Deploying QoS in Large Networks

Network Operations and Management

Overview of Network Management

Network Management Systems

The Simple Network Management Protocol


Fault Management

Configuration and Security Management

Ad Hoc Abuse Issues

Performance and Accounting Management

Network Management Checklist for Large Networks

Design and Configuration Case Studies

Case Study 1: The Enterprise

Case Study 2: The MKS Retail Store

Case Study 3: An ISP Network


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