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Learning in a complex new dialect is no simple errand particularly when it s a protest situated Object oriented programming dialect like Java. You may think the issue is your mind. It appears to have its very own brain, a mind that wouldn’t generally like to take in the dry, specialized stuff you’re compelled to contemplate. The truth of the matter is your mind longs for curiosity. It’s always looking, examining, sitting tight to something bizarre to happen. All things considered, that is how it was worked to enable you to remain alive. It takes all the standard, conventional, dull stuff and channels it to the foundation so it won’t meddle with your mind’s genuine work- – recording things that issue. How does your cerebrum know what makes a difference? It resembles the makers of the Head First approach say, assume you’re out for a climb and a tiger hops before you, what occurs in your mind? Neurons fire. Feelings wrench up. Chemicals surge

Table of Contents  

1 Breaking the Surface: a quick dip

2 A Trip to Objectville: yes, there will be objects

3 Know Your Variables: primitives and references

 4 How Objects Behave: object state affects method behavior

5 Extra-Strength Methods: flow control, operations, and more

6 Using the Java Library: so you don’t have to write it all yourself

 7 Better Living in Objectville: planning for the future 1

 8 Serious Polymorphism: exploiting abstract classes and interfaces

9 Life and Death of an Object: constructors and memory management

 10 Numbers Matter: math, formatting, wrappers, and statics

11 Risky Behavior: exception handling

 12 A Very Graphic Story: intro to GUI, event handling, and inner classes

13 Work on Your Swing: layout managers and components 3

 14 Saving Objects: serialization and I/O  

15 Make a Connection: networking sockets and multithreading  

16 Data Structures: collections and generics

 17 Release Your Code: packaging and deployment

 18 Distributed Computing: RMI with a dash of servlets, EJB, and Jini

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