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Before we get into Kali Linux, we need to understand what penetration testing is. Penetration testing or pen-testing is the method of evaluating the security implementations of a computer system or a network of computers. The idea behind penetration testing is to target the computer(s) with a specific set of attack vectors to figure out whether it is able to withstand those attacks without malfunctioning. The different attack vectors in pen-testing can include identifying and exploiting the known vulnerabilities in various application software and operating systems, assessing the strength of connecting networks, providing assessment reports, and so on. Penetration testing has its own field of study within computer science.

Table of Contents

 Instant Kali Linux

So, what is Kali Linux?


Step 1 – download and boot

Step 2 – setting the dual boot

Step 3 – beginning with

the installation

Installing Kali as a virtual machine

Updating Kali Linux

And that’s it

Quick start – getting your tools right

Understanding the memory layout

Information gathering and sniffing with Kali Linux

DNSmap analysis 9 Network scanners

Detecting live hosts

SSL analysis

Network sniffing

Working with vulnerability assessment tools

Web app penetration testing in Kali

WebScarab proxy

Attacking the database using sqlninja

The Websploit framework

Breaking passwords

John the Ripper

Working with RainbowCrack

Targeting wireless networks

Working with Kismet

Fern WIFI Cracker

Bluetooth auditing

Exploitation frameworks and tools

Browser Exploitation Framework

Social Engineer Toolkit

Working with forensics tools

Autopsy Forensic Browser

The Sleuth Kit

Top 5 features you need to know about  

Information gathering with Nmap

Breaking wireless passwords using Aircrack

Web app penetration testing with Burp Suite

Burp proxy

Burp Spider

Burp Intruder

Metasploit Exploitation Framework

Features of Metasploit

Network forensics using Kali Linux

Network analysis with Wireshark

Rootkit-scanning forensics with chkrootkit

File analysis using md5deep

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