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Welcome to the second edition of Mobile Communications – and welcome to the confusing, complex, but very interesting world of wireless and mobile technologies! In the last few years, we have all experienced the hype and frustration related to mobile technology. Once praised as the Internet on the mobile phone, the frustration with third generation mobile phone systems came at the same time the dotcoms crashed. The reader should remember that all technologies need their time to develop. Nevertheless, we are experiencing huge growth rates in mobile communication systems (mainly in Asia), increasing mobility awareness in society, and the worldwide deregulation of former monopolized markets. While traditional communication paradigms deal with fixed networks, mobility raises a new set of questions, techniques, and solutions. For many countries, mobile communication is the only solution due to the lack of an appropriate fixed communication infrastructure. Today, more people use mobile phones (over one billion!) than traditional fixed phones. The trends mentioned above create an ever-increasing demand for well-educated communication engineers who understand the developments and possibilities of mobile communication. What we see today is only the beginning. There are many new and exciting systems currently being developed in research labs. The future will see more and more mobile devices, the merging of classical voice and data transmission technologies, and the extension of today’s Internet applications (e.g., the world wide web) onto mobile and wireless devices. New applications and new mobile networks will bring ubiquitous multimedia computing to the mass market; radios, personal digital assistants (PDAs), laptops and mobile phones will converge and many different functions will be available on one device – operating on top of Internet technologies. This book is an introduction to the field of mobile communications and focuses on digital data transfer. The book is intended for use by students of EE or CS in computer networking or communication classes, engineers working with fixed networks who want to see the future trends in networking, as well as managers who need a comprehensible overview in mobile communication. The reader requires a basic understanding of communication and a rough knowledge of the Internet or networking in general. While resources are available which focus on a particular technology, this book tries to cover many aspects of mobile communications from a computer science point of view


1 Introduction

2 Wireless transmission

3 Medium access control

4 Telecommunications systems

5 Satellite systems

6 Broadcast systems

7 Wireless LAN

8 Mobile network layer

9 Mobile transport layer

10 Support for mobility

11 Outlook


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