Download Networking with Microsoft Windows Vista By Paul McFedries


A better solution is to increase the number of computers available. Now that machines with fast processors, ample RAM, and massive hard disk space can be had for just a few hundred dollars, a multiple-machine setup is an affordable proposition for most homes. At home, for example, the current trend is to buy a nice system for Mom and Dad to put in their office, while the kids inherit the old machine for their games and homework assignments. Now you have several computers kicking around the house or office, but they’re all islands unto themselves. If you want to print something using another computer’s printer, you’re forced to copy the file to a memory card or other removable media, walk that media over to the other computer, and then print from there. Similarly, if multiple computers require Internet access, you face the hassle (and expense) of configuring separate connections So now you must take the final step on this road: Connect everything together to create your own small network. This will give you all kinds of benefit


Part I: Networking Hardware for Windows Vista

1 Understanding Ethernet Networking

2 Understanding Wireless Networking

3 Configuring Your Router

4 Putting Your Network Together

Part II: Managing and Using Your Network

5 Working with Vista’s Basic Network Tools and Tasks

6 Managing Network Connections

7 Managing Wireless Network Connections

8 Accessing and Sharing Network Resources

9 Setting up Vista as a Digital Media Hub

10 Taking Advantage of Your Network

11 Work with Network Files Offline

12 Collaborating with Windows Meeting Space

Part III: Securing Your Network

13 Securing Windows Vista

14 Implementing Network Security

15 Implementing Wireless Security

Part IV: Advanced Networking with Windows Vista

16 Making Remote Network Connections

17 Monitoring Your Network

18 Troubleshooting Network Problems

19 Setting up a Website

20 Setting up an FTP Site Glossary of Network Terms Index


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