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After a basic introduction to home automation and the tools of the trade, this book will teach you how to construct and program eight unique projects that improve home utility and leisure-time efficiencies. Each project incorporates a variety of inexpensive sensors, actuators, and microcontrollers that have their own unique functions. You will assemble the hardware and codify the software that will perform a number of functions, such as turning on and off power switches from your phone, detecting package deliveries and transmitting emails announcing their arrival, posting tweets on Twitter when your bird feeder needs to be refilled, and opening and closing curtains depending on light and temperature, and more.

Because the recommended skill set for building these solutions includes some familiarity with programming, this book builds upon several previously published Pragmatic Bookshelf titles. If you would like to learn more about programming Arduinos or writing Ruby or Python scripts, I strongly recommend checking out the books listed in Appendix 2, Bibliography, on page 213.

Each project begins with a general introduction and is followed by a What You Need section that lists the hardware parts used. This is followed by a section called Building the Solution that provides step-by-step instructions on assembling the hardware. Programming Your Home will call upon the Arduino extensively for most (but not all) of the projects. Once the hardware is constructed, it can be programmed to perform the automation task we built it to do. Programs can range from code for Arduino microcontrollers to scripts that execute on a computer designed to control, capture, and process the data from the assembled hardware elements.

The book concludes with a chapter on future projections in home automation and a chapter filled with idea starters that reuse the hardware and software approaches demonstrated in the eight projects.


Chapter 1 Getting Started

what Is Home Automation?

Commercial Solutions

DIY Solutions

Justifying the Investment

Setting Up Your Workbench

Sketching Out Your Ideas

Writing, Wiring, and Testing

Documenting Your Work

Chapter2 Requirements

Knowing the Hardware

Knowing the Software

Be Safe, Have Fun!

Part II — Project

Chapter 3 Water Level Notifier

Building the Solution

Hooking It Up

Sketching Things Out

Writing the Web Mailer

Adding an Ethernet Shield

All Together Now

Chapter 4 Electric Guard Dog

What You Need

Building the Solution

Dog Assembly

Dog Training

Testing It Out

Unleashing the Dog

Chapter 5 Tweeting Bird Feeder

What You Need

Building the Solution

The Perch Sensor

The Seed Sensor

Going Wireless

Tweeting with Python

Putting It All Together

Chapter 6 Package Delivery Detector

What You Need 886.

Building the Solution

Hardware Assembly

Writing the Code

The Package Delivery Sketch

Testing the Delivery Sketch

The Delivery Processor

Creating the Delivery Database

Installing the Package Dependencies

Writing the Script

Testing the Delivery Processor

Setting It Up

Chapter 7 Web-Enabled Light Switch

Building the Solution

Hooking It Up

Writing the Code for the Web Client

Testing Out the Web Client

Writing the Code for the Android Client

Testing Out the Android Client

Chapter 8 Curtain Automation

What You Need

Building the Solution

Using the Stepper Motor

Programming the Stepper Motor
Installing the Hardware

Chapter 9 Android Door Lock

Controlling the Android Door Lock

Writing the Android Server

Writing the Android Client

Test and Install

Chapter 10 Giving Your Home a Voice .

Speaker Setup

Giving Lion a Voice

Wireless Mic Calibration

Programming a Talking Lion

Conversing with Your Home

Part III — Predictions

Chapter 11 Future Designs .

Living in the Near

The Long View

The Home of the Future

Chapter 12 More Project Ideas .

Clutter Detector

Electricity Usage Monitor

Electric Scarecrow

Entertainment System Remote

Home Sleep Timer

Networked Smoke Detectors

Proximity Garage Door Opener

Smart HVAC Controller

Smart Mailbox

Smart Lighting

Solar and Wind Power Monitors

Part IV — Appendices

A1. Installing Arduino Libraries


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