Download TCP/IP FOR Dummies 6TH Edition By Candace Leiden and Marshall Wilensky


TCP/IP is the glue that holds together the Internet and the World Wide Web. To be well connected (network-wise, that is), sooner or later you have to become familiar with TCP/IP applications and services. If you want to understand what TCP/IP is, what it’s for, why you need it, and what to do with it, and you just don’t know where to start — this book is for you.

If you’re on a network, whether you know it or not, odds are, you’re working with TCP/IP and its many pieces and parts. We help you understand how it all fits together. We also give you plenty of hands-on tips so that you can get all those pieces and parts set up and running.

We take the mystery out of TCP/IP by giving you down-to-earth explanations for all the buzzwords and technical jargon that TCP/IP loves.

This isn’t a formal tutorial; skip around and taste TCP/IP in little bites. If you need to impress your boss and colleagues with buzzwords, you can find out just enough to toss them around intelligently with the technocrats at meetings and parties. Or, you can go further and discover how to set up and use the most important features and tools. If you want the full TCP/IP banquet, you can explore the technical tasks that take place behind the scenes to make the Internet and the Web work. It’s right here in your hands.


Part I: TCP/IP from Names to Addresses

Chapter 1: Understanding TCP/IP Basics.

Chapter 2: Layering TCP/IP Protocols

Chapter 3: Serving Up Clients and Servers

Chapter 4: Nice Names and Appetizing Addresses

Chapter 5: Need More Addresses? Try Subnetting and NAT

Part II: Getting Connected

Chapter 6: Configuring a TCP/IP Network — the Software Side

Chapter 7: Networking SOHO with Wireless

Chapter 8: Advancing into Routing Protocols

Chapter 9: IPv6: IP on Steroids

Chapter 10: Serving Up DNS (The Domain Name System)

Part III: Configuring Clients and Servers: Web, E-Mail, and Chat

Chapter 11: Digesting Web Clients and Servers

Chapter 12: Minimum Security Facilities

Chapter 13: Eating Up E-Mail

Chapter 14: Securing E-Mail

Chapter 15: Beyond E-Mail: Social Networking and Online Communities

Part IV: Even More TCP/IP Applications and Services

Chapter 16: Mobile IP — The Moveable Feast

Chapter 17: Saving Money with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Chapter 18: File and Print Sharing Services

Chapter 19: Sharing Compute Power

Part V: Network Troubleshooting and Security

Chapter 20: Staying with Security Protocols

Chapter 21: Relishing More Meaty Security

Chapter 22: Troubleshooting Connectivity and Performance Problems

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 23: Ten More Uses for TCP/IP

Chapter 24: Ten More Resources for Information about TCP/IP Security


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