Download Windows Vista Secrets SP1 Edition By Paul Thurrott


In the time since Windows Vista first shipped to the public, the outcry from tech pundits, bloggers, and self-proclaimed experts has been loud and clear: Windows Vista is a piece of junk, they say. It’s slower and less compatible than its predecessor, Windows XP, and doesn’t offer enough additional functionality to justify the upgrade. Most egregiously, these guys are trying to paint Windows Vista as a failure, pointing to dubious statistics to prove that Microsoft’s latest operating system isn’t selling as well or as fast as XP. Too bad it’s all a bunch of baloney. Of course, some of the claims are certainly true, but then they’ve been true of every single Windows version that ever came down the pike. Sometimes I wonder if these guys are so busy listening to the sounds of their voices that they’ve forgotten the past. Yes, Windows Vista, like Windows XP before it, is slower on the same hardware and less compatible with existing hardware and software than its predecessor. That’s what happens when you release a major new Windows version with huge architectural changes. But the advantages of Vista—in this case, its ability to work more efficiently with modern and upcoming hardware designs, for example—more than offset these statistical issues. More important, in real-world use, you’ll never notice a day-to-day performance difference between Windows Vista and Windows XP on modern hardware. My advice has never changed: You’re going to get the best experience with any new Windows version— including Vista—on a new PC


Part I: Surviving Setup

Chapter 1: Selecting the Right Vista Version

Chapter 2: Installing or Upgrading to Windows Vista

Chapter 3: Hardware and Software Compatibility

Part II: The Windows Vista User Experience

Chapter 4: What’s New in the Windows Vista User Interface

Chapter 5: Where’s My Stuff? Finding and Organizing Files

Chapter 6: Using Windows Sidebar

Chapter 7: Personalizing and Configuring Windows Vista

Part III: Security

Chapter 8: Vista Security Features

Chapter 9: Users, Accounts, and UAC

Chapter 10: Windows Vista Networking

Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment

Chapter 11: Windows Media Player

Chapter 12: Zune: A Digital Media Alternative

Chapter 13: Enjoying Digital Photos

Chapter 14: Digital Videos and DVD Movies

Chapter 15: Vista in the Living Room: Windows Media Center

Chapter 16: Having Fun: Games and Vista

Part V: Mobility

Chapter 17: Vista to Go: Windows Vista Mobility Features

Chapter 18: Using Tablet PCs and Ultra-Mobile PCs

Part VI: Internet and Networking

 Chapter 19: Browsing the Web

Chapter 20: Managing E-mail and Contacts

Chapter 21: Turning It Up a Notch with Microsoft’s Live Services

Part VII: Home Office/Power User

Chapter 22: Managing Your Schedule with Windows Calendar

Chapter 23: Keeping Your Data Safe

Chapter 24: Automating Windows Vista with Windows PowerShell

Chapter 25: Beyond Vista: Managing Multiple PCs

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