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The current book is an outgrowth of the lecture notes that I prepared for the four-credit

course Electrodynamics that was introduced in the Uppsala University curriculum in

1992, to become the five-credit course Classical Electrodynamics in 1997. To some

extent, parts of these notes were based on lecture notes prepared, in Swedish, by

BENGT LUNDBORG who created, developed and taught the earlier, two-credit course

Electromagnetic Radiation at our faculty.

Intended primarily as a textbook for physics students at the advanced undergraduate

or beginning graduate level, it is hoped that the present book may be useful for

research workers too. It provides a thorough treatment of the theory of electrodynamics,

mainly from a classical field theoretical point of view, and includes such things

as formal electrostatics and magnetostatics and their unification into electrodynamics,

the electromagnetic potentials, gauge transformations, covariant formulation of

classical electrodynamics, force, momentum and energy of the electromagnetic field,

radiation and scattering phenomena, electromagnetic waves and their propagation in

vacuum and in media, and covariant Lagrangian/Hamiltonian field theoretical methods

for electromagnetic fields, particles and interactions. The aim has been to write

a book that can serve both as an advanced text in Classical Electrodynamics and as a

preparation for studies in Quantum Electrodynamics and related subjects.

Eduki Taula

1 Classical Electrodynamics

2 Electromagnetic Waves

3 Electromagnetic Potentials

4 Relativistic Electrodynamics

5 Electromagnetic Fields and Particles

6 Electromagnetic Fields and Matter

7 Electromagnetic Fields from Arbitrary Source Distributions

8 Electromagnetic Radiation and Radiating Systems

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