Download Beginning Visual C# 2010 By Karli Watson, Christian Nagel, Jacob Hammer Pedersen, Jon D. Reid And Morgan Skinner


The latest release of C#, C# 4, which is included with version 4 of the .NET Framework, builds on the existing successes and adds even more attractive features. The latest release of Visual Studio (Visual Studio 2010), and the Express line of development tools (including Visual C# 2010 Express) also bring many tweaks and improvements to make your life easier and dramatically increase your productivity.

This book is intended to teach you about all aspects of C# programming, from the language itself, through Windows and Web programming, to making use of data sources, and finally to some new and advanced techniques. You’ll also learn about the capabilities of Visual C# 2010 Express, Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, and Visual Studio 2010, and all the ways that these products can aid your application development.

The book is written in a friendly, mentor-style fashion, with each chapter building on previous ones, and every effort is made to ease you into advanced techniques painlessly. At no point will technical terms appear from nowhere to discourage you from continuing; every concept is introduced and discussed as required. Technical jargon is kept to a minimum; but where it is necessary, it too is properly defined and laid out in context.

Table Of Contents

Part I The C# Language

Chapter No 1 Introducing C#

Chapter No 2 Writing A C# Program

Chapter No 3 Variables And Expressions

Chapter No 4 Flow Control

Chapter No 5 More About Variables

Chapter No 6 Functions

Chapter No 7 Debugging And Error Handling

Chapter No 8 Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming

Chapter No 9 Defining Classes

Chapter No 10 Defining Class Members

Chapter No 11 Collections, Comparisons, And Conversions

Chapter No 12 Generics

Chapter No 13 Additional Oop Techniques

Chapter No 14 C# Language Enhancements

Part Ii Windows Programming

Chapter No 15 Basic Windows Programming

Chapter No 16 Advanced Windows Forms Features

Chapter No 17 Deploying Windows Applications

Part Iii Web Programming

Chapter No 18 Asp.Net Web Programming

Chapter No 19 Web Services

Chapter No 20 Deploying Web Applications

Part Iv Data Access

Chapter No 21 File System Data

Chapter No 22 Xml

Chapter No 23 Introduction To Linq

Chapter No 24 Applying Linq

Part V Additional Techniques

Chapter No 25 Windows Presentation Foundation

Chapter No 26 Windows Communication Foundation

Chapter No 27 Windows Workflow Foundation


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