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Often, learning something new can be a chore, particularly with computer technology. In fact, because you’ve obviously been searching for a book long enough to at least have opened this one, you’ve probably looked at a few other books as well. There’s no problem finding networking books there are tons of them— but almost all of them are geared toward people who want to be networking geeks, and the books frequently get deep and technical in a hurry. They’re like the old joke where one guy walks through a door with an unseen long drop to the ground below, and his buddy shouts out, “Watch out for that first step. It’s a doozy!” Computer Networking First-Step is an easy first step toward learning about networking, instead of taking a doozy of a step off the networking ledge. With Computer Networking First-Step, you don’t have to worry about the pain normally associated with getting into something new. This book is designed and written assuming that you come to the game with no experience at all with the topics, but with a lot of interest in them.


Part I Networking Basics

Chapter 1 What Is a Network?

Chapter 2 A Network’s Reason for Existence

Chapter 3 Building a Network: It All Starts with a Plan

Part II Running the Local Department of (Network) Transportation

Chapter 4 How to Build a Local (Network) Roadway

Chapter 5 Rules of the Road: How to Use the Local (Network) Roadway

Chapter 6 Reducing Congestion and Driving Faster on the Local (Network) Roadway

Chapter 7 Adding Local (Network) Roadways for No Extra Money

Part III Shipping and Logistics: Commerce Using the (Network) Roadways

Chapter 8 Shipping Goods over a (Network) Roadway

Chapter 9 Choosing Shipping Options When Transporting the Goods over the (Network) Roadway

Part IV Navigating the Roadways to Find the Right Street Address

Chapter 10 Delivering the Goods to the Right Street (IP) Address

Chapter 11 Knowing Where to Turn at Each Intersection (Router)

Chapter 12 Painting the Road Signs on Your Interstate (Internetwork)

Chapter 13 People Like Names, but Computers Like Numbers

Part V Building an Interstate (Inter-LAN) Highway System

Chapter 14 Leasing a (Network) Roadway Between Two Points

Chapter 15 Leasing a (Network) Roadway Between Lots of Places

Chapter 16 Driving from Home onto the Globally Interconnected (Internet) Roadway

Part VI Securing the Network

Chapter 17 Accepting the Right People and Rejecting the Wrong People

Chapter 18 Keeping a Watchful Eye Over Who Drives into Your (Network) Neighborhood

Part VII Appendixes

Appendix A

Answers to Chapter Review Questions



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