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We believe that learning in computer science and engineering should reflect the current state of the field, as well as introduce the principles that are shaping computing. We also feel that readers in every specialty of computing need to appreciate the organizational paradigms that determine the capabilities, performance, and, ultimately, the success of computer systems. Modern computer technology requires professionals of every computing specialty to understand both hardware and software. The interaction between hard- ware and software at a variety of levels also offers a framework for understanding the fundamentals of computing. Whether your primary interest is hardware or software, computer science or electrical engineering, the central ideas in computer organization and design are the same. Thus, our emphasis in this book is to show the relationship between hardware and software and to focus on the concepts that are the basis for current computers. The recent switch from uni processor to multi core microprocessors confirmed the soundness of this perspective, given since the first edition. While programmers could ignore the advice, and rely on computer architects, compiler writers, and silicon engineers to make their programs run faster without change, that era is over

Table Of Contents

Chapter No 1 Computer Abstractions and Technology

Chapter No 2 Instructions: Language of the Computer

Chapter No 3 Arithmetic for Computers

Chapter No 4 The Processor

Chapter No 5 Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy

Chapter No 6 Storage and Other I/O Topics

Chapter No 7 Multi-cores, Multiprocessors, and Clusters


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