Download Object-Oriented Programming in C++ Fourth Edition By Robert Lafore


The major changes to this Fourth Edition include an earlier introduction to UML, a new section on inter-file communication in Chapter 13, and a revised approach to software development in Chapter 16. Introducing the UML at the beginning allows the use of UML diagrams where they fit naturally with topics in the text, so there are many new UML diagrams throughout the book. The section on inter-file communication gathers together many concepts that were previously scattered throughout the book. The industry’s approach to object-oriented analysis and design has evolved since the last edition, and accordingly we’ve modified the chapter on this topic to reflect recent developments. C++ itself has changed very little since the last edition. However, besides the revisions just mentioned, we’ve made many smaller changes to clarify existing topics and correct typos and inaccuracies in the text.

Table of Contents:


Chapter No 1 The Big Picture

Chapter No 2 C++ Programming Basics

Chapter No 3 Loops and Decisions

Chapter No 4 Structures

Chapter No 5 Functions

Chapter No 6 Objects and Classes

Chapter No 7 Arrays and Strings

Chapter No 8 Operator Overloading

Chapter No 9 Inheritance

Chapter No 10 Pointers

Chapter No 11 Virtual Functions

Chapter No 12 Streams and Files

Chapter No 13 Multi file Programs

Chapter No 14 Templates and Exceptions

Chapter No 15 The Standard Template Library

Chapter No 16 Object-Oriented Software Development

Chapter No A ASCII Chart

B C++ Precedence Table and Keywords

C Microsoft Visual C++

D Borland C++Builder

E Console Graphics Lite

F STL Algorithms and Member Functions


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