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The UNIX system bas become quite popular since its inception in 1969, running on machines of varying processing power from microprocessors to mainframes and providing a common execution environment across them. The system is divided into two parts. The first part consists of programs and services that have made the UNIX system environment so popular; it is the part clear to users, including such programs as the shell, mail, text processing packages, and source code control systems. The second part consists of the operating system that supports these programs and services. This book gives a detailed description of the operating system. It concentrates on a description of UNIX System V produced by AT&T but considers interesting features provided by other versions too. It examines the major data structures and algorithms used in the operating system that ultimately provide users with the standard user interface.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 General Overview Of The System

Chapter 2 Introduction To The Kernel

Chapter 3 The Buffer Cache

Chapter 4 Internal Representation Of Files

Chapter 5 System Calls For The File System

Chapter 6 The Structure Of Processed

Chapter 7 Process Control

Chapter 8 Process Scheduling And Tim

Chapter 9 Memory Management Policies

Chapter 10 The 1/0 Subsystem

Chapter 11 Interposes Communication

Chapter 12 Multiprocessor Systems

Chapter 13 Distributed Unix System


AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System

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