Download Understanding Operating Systems Sixth Edition Ann Mciver Mchoes By Ida M. Flynn


This book explains a very technical subject in a not-so-technical manner, putting the concepts of operating systems into a format that students can quickly grasp. For those new to the subject, this text demonstrates what operating systems are, what they do, how they do it, how their performance can be evaluated, and how they compare with each other. Throughout the text we describe the overall function and tell readers where to find more detailed information, if they so desire.

For those with more technical backgrounds, this text introduces the subject concisely, describing the complexities of operating systems without going into intricate detail. One might say this book leaves off where other operating system textbooks begin.

To do so, we’ve made some assumptions about our audiences. First, we assume the readers have some familiarity with computing systems. Second, we assume they have a working knowledge of an operating system and how it interacts with them. We recommend (although we don’t require) that readers be familiar with at least one operating system. In a few places, we found it necessary to include examples using Java or pseudocode to illustrate the inner workings of the operating systems; but, for readers who are unfamiliar with computer languages, we’ve added a prose description to each example that explains the events in more familiar terms.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introducing Operating Systems

Chapter 2 Memory Management: Early Systems

Chapter 3 Memory Management: Virtual Memory

Chapter 4 Processor Management

Chapter 5 Process Management

Chapter 6 Concurrent Processes

Chapter 7 Device Management

Chapter 8 File Management

Chapter 9 Network Organization Concepts

Chapter 10 Management of Network Functions

Chapter 11 Security and Ethics

Chapter 12 System Management

Chapter 13 UNIX Operating System

Chapter 14 MS-DOS Operating System

Chapter 15 Windows Operating Systems

Chapter 16 Linux Operating System


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